Do you see the good in people, even when they bring you harm? Do you try to unlock doors, that God already closed? This first book of the three part trilogy series, will gift you with the empowerment you need, to redeem your strength!

For a young, naive college student, Jay's weaknesses are made apparent to the boys and professors who wanted her crippled and gone. As she entered her junior year at California State University, Long Beach, her innocence and overly optimistic perspective prevented her from distinguishing the wolves from the sheep. Manipulative love interests and jealous harlots attempt to damage Jay's perception of beauty,and turned her into a victim and a villain.

The residue of her scars affected her opportunities as an actress, where she learned that the entertainment industry was unforgiving to wounded artists. As Jay picked up the pieces and learned to stop placing her value in the opinions of others, she discovered a new gift that attracted press, celebrities, film makers, and the right influences. Turning rejection into rejoicing and turmoil into triumph, Jay created her own path to power and respect.

This inspirational memoir explores the psychological deterioration of a young artist, scholar, and entrepreneur, who continuously mistook infatuation, for romantic commitment, and smiling faces for loyalty. Betrayal, death, and vanity attempted to decrease her basic will to live. This riveting story of redemption will leave you empowered to embrace your truth, avoid the mistakes Jay made and learn to appreciate the process of self discovery.

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