Keynote Speaker & Workshops

As a speaker, Jay shares an empowering message with transparency, poetry, entertainment, and practical tools to have your audience engaged and listening. Jay facilitates workshops and speeches revolving around (but not limited to):


"Loosing You and Finding Me": The Dangers of Unhealthy Relationships

"Scatterbrain": The Impact of Trauma and Living with Loss

"Money, Marketing, and Millennial Entrepreneurship": Creating A Business While in School


"Strength Based": Identifying Your Strengths

"Black Girl Mental Health": Why Relating and Releasing is Therapy

"Release The Poet": A Spoken Word Workshop

"The Artist That Profits": How to Generate Income as an Artist


Jay has hosted celebrities including, Columbus Short, Tika Sumpter, Pooch Hall, Kim Coles, Jason Weaver, Bianca Lawson, Essence Atkins, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Donnell Turner, Logan Browning and more. She books celebrities to come and speak to students and aspiring actors. She interviews them on a professional and personal level, and allows them to share their tips for success and longevity. Book Jay to come and host your event!

Motivational Speaking

Jay Dent is also a prominent motivational speaker, speaking to various high schools and universities. Jay encourages students to activate their success through art , imagination, goal setting, and entrepreneurship. Jay also addresses issues such as bullying, cyber-bullying, competition, college readiness, and the negative impact of unhealthy romantic relationships. She gives them tools to utilize and maximize their youth to generate profit through social media and the arts. Jay’s story of struggle and triumph at a young age encourages students to understand that it is about the process, not the product. Rather than hating on someone else for striving for success, they can view it as, “If they can do it, I can do it.” She performs monologues and poems for the students , shares performance techniques, and illustrates the act of spoken word poetry as a psychological and emotional healing mechanism. Jay uses her leadership example of a success story in the making, and offers mentoring to the students she speaks to.

Spoken Word Poetry

Jay Dent is also a spoken word artist, and travels across the nation to perform her original poetry. Jay has been a feature poet at the largest poetry lounge in the nation, Da Poetry Lounge. Other venues include, but are not limited to, First Fridays: The Living Room, Denver Mercury Lounge in Denver, Colorado, Ground Zero, B.A.S.I.C Coalition, The Black Family Dinner, Level Ground, Martin Luther King Jr., Celebration opening performer for Nikki Gilbert of R&B Divas of Atlanta, the Jenesse Center Domestic Violence Event with Halle Berry and Essence Atkins, and the Young African American Women’s Conference...etc. Jay Dent also featured as the guest performer for Steve Harvey’s 2016 Mentoring Program in Los Angeles, California. She opened for Mr. Harvey, and her performance was actually showcased on his celebrity Facebook page, and he talked about her poem in his personal speech during the closing ceremony. She was a member of the CSULB Poetry Slam Team in 2013 and 2014. Upon her arrival to the University of Southern California , there was no poetry community. Thus, she created a recognized poetry organization and became the President and Founder of the USC Poetry Slam Team with over 150 members. Her organization also won USC Best Performance Organization 2015, within the organization first 2 months of existence at the University of Southern California.

Praise for JaySoJay!

Dr. Gazetta Holts-Roberts Ph.D., Educator, Professor of Education at Tennessee State University, Professor of Education and English at Strayer University Professor
"Jay sauntered in the lives of 560 inner city teenagers at Maplewood High School and single handedly challenged every preconceived notion and thought they had ever entertained about life. Jay’s presentation is intelligent, informative, and provocative. Through her stimulating poetry, always punctuated with words that penetrate deeply into one’s psyche, she challenges unsuspecting youth to remain alert to those who might want to use and abuse them, then discard them like useless Rubbish! Finally, with unparalleled creativity and ingenuity, she inspires them to use their own self expression as a vehicle of soaring above mediocrity and ultimately catapults them into new realms of excellence and personal achievement."

Star Hernandez, Student, President of the Black Student Assembly, Fremont High School
"I was astonished and completely inspired when I first heard Jay speak. She is so full of energy and wisdom and I could not thank her enough for all that she does with telling her story and speaking her truth. Immediately as she began to speak, it was as though she was uplifting my soul and everything that was originally going on in my life somehow didn’t matter anymore."

JaRhon Haywood, Educator, Dorsey High School, California State University, Los Angeles
"I am an educator at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, CA and I invited Jay to speak to my students. I had always heard about her work but never saw it for myself. Let me tell you, there are now two days that I look forward to every year; my birthday and witnessing Jay speak to my class! I can’t even begin to say how amazing that day was. Jay was so kind to come and spend the day with us and I honestly cannot thank her enough. She is one of the most selfless people I know. The students were ecstatic to hear her story because so many of them could relate to it, she spoke nothing but the truth. It really moved my heart to see her sharing her passion with us. I would say the most amazing part of the day is when the bell rang for lunch, my students did not move a single muscle because they wanted Jay to continue reciting her poetry. To this day, they still ask about her. She is welcome back to my classroom anytime."

Courtney Young, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Master of Education, Educator
"Inviting Jay So Jay to speak to students in my speech and debate class was the highlight of our year. She came into the classroom with vivacity and enthusiasm; the students could feel her genuine desire for them to succeed. Not only did she share her personal story with the students, but she used her poetry to connect to them. Most importantly, she explained to my students that they each have a narrative that no one else can write. She encouraged them to use their personal stories in their speeches, and to create poetry that would affect the world because of it’s truth. Even months after Jay So Jay left our classroom, students still remembered what she said and how she inspired them. Undoubtedly, JaySoJay touched the lives of my students and encouraged them to find their voice and to use it."

Knieko, Student, Youth Engager for OASIS Church, Los Angeles, CA
"Jay taught me what I should be standing for, and how to stick up for myself. She inspired me to wanna write to uplift people, more than doing this for my own medicine. And the one thing she taught me that I should be doing this for God, not just thanking Him for my gift, but using it to uplift people for my own benefit or other people’s benefit but for them to know who God is."

Alexandria Cox, Student, Maplewood High School
"Jay came to my school as a guest speaker for my class (one of four) we were learning about spoken word and how to start working on how to get college ready. No one really wanted to be there but it was something different. Jay was the second to last to go. She shared how she had written books and she told us her story. I saw how many people were so eager to hear from her. I don’t blame them because she is a true inspiration. She was so kind and loving. My favorite part is when she said she could help me and also when she said her poems. It was truly perfect. She remembered her poems by heart, used hand motions, and she even read at a perfect pace, and didn’t get tongue tied. Jay is just amazing. A great role model, and a phenomenal inspiration."

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